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Best High Chair 2019

Before you know it, your baby will be ready for solids and you will be in the market for the best high chair 2019.

When it comes to looking for the best high chair, you want one that is comfortable for your child and easy for you to clean. Having a high chair is helpful when your baby starts solids because it will get very messy. You may want to add a high chair to your baby registry. We have compiled a list of the top 10 high chairs.

Best High Chair

Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System

The Graco Blossom convertible high chair has 4 high chair styles, or modes of use. It converts from an infant high chair with recline to a traditional baby high chair to a toddler booster to a youth chair. It is one of the best convertible chair.

What’s great bout this high chair is that it even allows you to seat 2 children at the same time! You can use the high chair and the toddler booster simultaneously or the infant high chair feeding booster and the youth chair at the same time.

This Graco convertible high chair adjusts to your growing child’s seating needs, ensuring that he or she is always comfortable. This convertible high chair features 6 height positions and 3 recline levels, so whether you are eating at a low kitchen table or high countertop, you’ll always be able to feed your infant or toddler comfortably. It is one of the best high chair for tall tables.

You can attach and remove the high chair tray using just one hand, which is helpful if your other hand is full. After eating, you can just remove the tray and put it in the dishwasher. If you need to wash the premium leatherette seat pad, you can easily wipe it or put it into the washing machine.

This Graco high chair comes with a removable seat back insert, which helps to position your growing child comfortably so that he can enjoy his meals. It also comes with an infant head and body support to help position smaller babies. As your baby grows, you can just remove the support to give him more room.

The Graco Blossom high chair is one of the safest high chair with its 3- and 5-point harness to keep your child safe and secure. It also has wheels in the front so you can easily move the high chair around the home.

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

This Ingenuity Trio high chair is a 3-in-1 high chair and is one of the best baby chair. It is a full-size high chair, booster seat, and toddler chair. The booster seat and toddler chair modes can be used for 2 children at once. All you have to do is lift seat off to convert to booster seat and toddler seat.

The Ingenuity Trio high chair has 3 recline positions and a 5-point harness to keep your baby safe and comfortable. This high chair accommodates toddlers up to 50 pounds and is one of the best high chair for 3 year old.

The tray features 4 locking positions to give your growing baby room and can be easily removed with one hand. This Ingenuity high chair is an easy to clean high chair, where its tray and insert can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The seat pad can also be removed and is machine-washable.

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray

The Abiie Beyond high chair can be transformed to any height position, making it one of the best high chair for infant as well as the best toddler high chair. It can be transformed from a high chair to a toddler chair to a traditional dining chair for all ages within a matter of seconds. Your child can use this high chair from when he is 6 months old until he is an adult! The weight limit on this chair is 250 pounds.

It comes with a dual restraint system, which can be adjusted from a 5-point harness to a 3-point harness as your baby grows. Its EZ Seat system enables quick adjustment of the seat and footrest so you can easily adjust it for whoever needs the chair. No tools are required for any seat adjustments.

This wooden high chair is very easy to clean with its stain resistant cushions. Just use a damp cloth and wipe to remove any mess or dirt. The cushion is waterproof so any spills aren’t absorbed.

The tray can be easily removed using just one hand and is dishwasher safe. The high chair can be used without its tray so your toddler can sit safely harnessed at the table with the rest of the family. This makes it one of the best high chair for 2 year old.

The Abiie Beyond has been tested for its sturdiness. No matter how active your child is, it will not tip over or move from its position.

This high chair wood went through high-temperature sterilization to ensure a hygienic environment for your child.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

This Fisher-Price high chair is a great space saver high chair. If you are tight on space and don’t want to keep your baby’s things from cramping the kitchen, this high chair is perfect for you.

The SpaceSaver high chair straps securely to just about any kitchen or dining chair to give your baby all the features, comfort, and convenience as a full-size high chair. The only difference is that it does it in half the space!

The high chair comes with built-in cupholders and adjustable 5-point restraint that converts to 3-point as baby grows. It features a 3-position recline and 3 height adjustments. It grows with your baby, from a reclining seat for small babies to an upright seat for infants, to a “big-kid” booster seat for toddlers up to 50 lbs. It is one of the best infant high chair as well as best high chair for toddler.

You can easily remove the tray with one hand for cleaning and it is dishwasher safe. The seat pad is spill-resistant, wipeable, and washable.

Evenflo Convertible High Chair

This Evenflo high chair is one of the best high chair under $100. It features 3 seating positions and can be used as an infant high chair and as a toddler high chair.

In its first stage, the high chair is securely stacked to create a full-size high chair for babies 6 months and older. In its second stage, the chair be removed from the tabletop and be placed directly on the floor, so your toddler can place their feet firmly on the ground. In its third stage, when your toddler begins to walk and feed himself, you can convert it to a right size table and chair.

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair


Peg Perego Siesta is one of the best high end high chair. It is one of the more expensive high chair but your child can use it from birth through their toddler years.

What’s unique about this multi-functional high chair is that it can be used as a comfortable recliner, which is perfect for keeping a young baby nearby. Your baby doesn’t need to start solids in order to use a high chair. You can recline this seat fully for your baby to take an afternoon nap. This makes the Peg Perego high chair the best high chair for newborns.

As your baby grows, the 5 recline positions, 9 height positions and 3 footrest positions provide a comfortable place for your child to relax, eat, or play. When you adjust the height low to the ground and recline the seat, it’s hard to even tell that this is a high chair! Once your baby is ready for mealtime, adjust the height and recline position so that he is sitting upright. As he grows older, you can remove the tray and pull him right up to the dining table.

The Siesta comes with floor-friendly caster wheels that automatically locks so you can move the high chair to where you want, whether it’s the kitchen or dining room. This is a compact high chair where you can easily fold it for easy storage. It is one of the best high chair for small spaces.

It sleek design available in a variety of colors makes this a beautiful addition to any home. The Prima Classe fabric can be easily wiped clean using a damp cloth.

JOOVY Nook High Chair

This JOOVY high chair is one of the best chair for infants. It is a full-size high chair with a padded, machine-washable leatherette seat and accommodates children up to 50 pounds. The leatherette material makes it easy to wipe the seat when it gets dirty.

What’s unique about this high chair is that it features a large swing-open tray with a one-hand motion. You just need to swing the tray open and unbuckle your child to get him out. Without needing to use 2 hands, you can hold your child while swinging up the tray for him to be seated. The tray insert is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

The tray has 4 depth adjustments so you can position it perfectly for your child to easily reach the food on his tray.

You can easily fold this high chair and put it away for storage. This space-saving high chair is compact enough so you can easily take it with you on the go, whether it’s to a friend’s house or grandparent’s house. It is one of the best high chair for apartments.

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

The Cosco Simple Fold is one of the best cheap high chair. Its compact fold is great for taking it on the go. It is specially designed to be easy to store and pack easily into the car. It is one of the best folding high chair, where it folds flat and stands on its own, making it easy to stow away.

It features a 3-point harness that secures children up to 50 lbs. The full size, 3-position adjustable tray is perfect for your growing child, giving him extra room if he needs.

The seat pad is wipeable so you can easily clean up after a messy meal.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair With Dining Tray

This Inglesina Fast Table Chair is one of the best high chair for baby, accommodatingbabies from 6 months to 37 pounds. This portable table chair is not only convenient, but it is also comfortable with its lifted backrest and padded seat.

Its a favorite amongst parents because of its universal twist-tight coupling adaptable to most tables. It is very light, weighing only about 5 pounds! It folds flat, making it easy to carry around. You can fit it in a large carrying bag that comes included with the high chair. You can use this chair at home or bring it along grandparent’s house or on vacation.

The Inglesina is one of the best high chair for travel.

Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

The Summer Infant booster seat is a 2-in-1 seat. You can convert this from an infant feeding seat with tray to a toddler booster seat at a table. You can start using this seat for your child when he is 6 months until he is 44 pounds.

The Summer Infant Folding Booster Seat is one of the best high chair booster seat. It features 2-level height adjustments for your growing child. It also has a 3-point restraint system with chair straps to secure booster to chair.

This is a compact booster seat, where you can easily fold it for storage and portability. This is convenient for using at home or on-the-go.

Best High Chair Toys

If you are looking for the best high chair toys to keep your baby occupied while he is on his high chair, take a look at the best toys 2019. Below are a few of the top high chair toys.

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Best Baby Registry

First off, congratulations on your pregnancy! The next step is finding the best baby registry.

Which baby registry is best?

When looking for the best place for baby registry, there may be a few places that you might already have in mind.

Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon is one of the best baby registry sites. It has one of the biggest selection with over 270,000 baby items and you can easily add items from ANY site.

One of the biggest benefits of Amazon baby registry is that after you complete your baby registry, you get 10% off select remaining items, or upgraded to 15% off for Amazon Prime Members, compliments of Amazon Family (which is a great program, especially for diaper and formula shopping).

Items eligible for discount include items in the Baby, Beauty, Maternity, Toys, Grocery, and Drugstore departments shipped and sold by Amazon or Fulfilled by Amazon.

You are eligible for this Amazon baby registry completion discount 60 days prior to the arrival date selected on your registry and at least 14 days after your registry was created. You can use this discount on up to 2 orders of $2,000 combined for up to 60 days after your expected arrival date.

Another huge benefit of using Amazon’s baby registry is that you can add products from any website, not just Amazon. This makes it a great one-stop universal registry compared to other places. For example, if you find something on the Target or Buy Buy Baby website that you want, you can simply add it to your Amazon baby registry by just clicking a button.

This universal feature is very helpful because you wouldn’t want to have more than one registry. The last thing we want is to make it difficult for our friends and family.

With Amazon Assistant, you can shop smarter online and make better decisions. Get order updates, product comparisons, watched deals notifications, and more!

Other Amazon baby registry benefits include their free, fast shipping on orders of $25+ or free for Amazon Prime Members and its easy 90-day returns on almost all items purchased from your registry.

The gifter can ship gifts directly to your chosen Amazon Baby Registry address. Amazon also offers an automatically generated Thank You note to send to all your gifters.

So whatever is on your baby registry list, you can pretty much find them on Amazon, including baby bottles, car seats, strollers, baby mattresses, baby cribs, baby monitors, and more. Plus, prices tend to be cheaper, or fairly reasonable, compared to other places.

Amazon Prime members (30-Day Free Trial) who create a baby registry are eligible for other rotating limited time offers such as a Welcome Box, free parenting eBook, maternity savings, discounts from Tiny Prints, and more! In fact, Amazon is one of the best places to register for free baby stuff.

To get ideas for your baby registry must-haves, you can use Amazon’s handy Baby Registry Checklist and search through other registries for inspiration.  You can browse through the most popular baby registry gifts as well as find lists of top-rated baby products. Amazon is known for their many user reviews so it’s helpful to read them. There are plenty of pictures and even videos that shows you how the product is used.

The downside to Amazon’s baby registry is that not everyone shops online. Some people prefer to buy from physical stores. However, even if you have people buying items not from Amazon, they can log onto Amazon and indicate which items they purchased.

With Amazon universal baby registry, you can easily find and keep track of everything you need for your baby in one convenient place. You can download the Amazon Mobile App, which allows you to update your registry anytime and anywhere.

All in all, Amazon is one of the best places to register for baby! To create baby registry on Amazon, simply click here.

Baby Registry Checklist

If you are looking for some of the best baby registry items, below are a few ideas from Amazon:

Babies “R” Us Baby Registry

Babies”R”Us is one of the top baby stores so it is no wonder that their baby registry is also very popular. In fact, it is one of the best places for baby registry. They offer nice perks, including you up to 10% back on purchases from your registry, including your own purchases. The more gifts you receive, the more you’ll earn! There are no limits on how much you can earn.

Get 5% on the first $300 spent and 10% on everything above that! You will receive an eGift Card for your total earnings about 12 weeks after your baby’s expected due date. You can use the gift card to buy anything you want on Babies “R” Us with no exclusions!

This means that if the total amount spent was $2,000, you will get a $185 gift card. That’s a nice chunk of savings!

Babies “R” Us offers a 15% Registry Completion Discount Certificate, which is a coupon that you will receive in the mail after completion. You can use the coupon in-store or online on any items remaining on your registry but it’s a one-time use coupon so think carefully before making your purchase!

One of the biggest benefits of Babies R Us’s baby registry is their generous return policy. They accept returns for store credit up to 1 year after your due date for most items on your baby registry as long as they are in its original packaging. This means that items that you once thought you needed but did not use will not go to waste after all!

Babies “R” Us also offers one-on-one registry consultation, where you can get expert advice from your Personal Registry Partner to help you choose the best items for your baby. You can also join other parents at an in-store event or class. It’s a great way to meet new parents and make new friends!

Their in-store events feature an informative, fun-filled schedule. Events include Baby’s First Christmas, Baby’s First Birthday and more! You just need to make an appointment online.

Another great thing is that Babies “R” Us will price match anything from other stores, including Amazon, but it needs to be an in-store purchase. They have over 750 stores so you can go to their stores to see, touch, and even test drive!

Babies “R” Us offers free shipping on all online purchases of $29 or more. You can download the  Babies “R” Us  mobile app to shop, discover new products, create and manage your registry, receive notifications and more!

The downside to registering on Babies R Us is that their selection isn’t as wide as Amazon’s and their prices tend to be more expensive compared to other places.

To create a baby registry on Babies “R” Us, become a Rewards “R” Us member and register for everything you’ll need for your baby, even the items you plan to buy yourself.

Target Baby Registry 

Target is one of the best universal baby registry, where you can add the items you want from other websites.

With over 1,800 locations in the USA, almost everyone has a Target store nearby. This makes it convenient to visit a store to browse or even return gifts. They have a wide selection of baby items, such as diapers, formula, car seats, clothing, toys and more.

Your guests can shop your registry online and ship directly to you for free if their order is $35+ or pick up the order at a store near them for free.

Target baby registry benefits include a 15% off completion coupon after you create a registry, which will come in the mail 6 weeks before your due date for items not yet purchased. This is great because it allows you to buy anything else you might need before your baby arrives. Similar to the Babies “R” Us coupon, it is a one-time use coupon.

Target allows group gifting, which makes it easy for gifters to contribute toward larger items.

Similar to Babies “R” Us, one of the biggest advantages of using Target’s baby registry is their their generous return policy. They accept returns and exchanges up to 1 year after your due date for most items on your baby registry as long as they are new and unopened.

A nice thing is that Target will price match if you buy a qualifying registry item at Target but then find the same item for less at, select online competitors, or in a Target’s or a competitor’s local print ad.

You can download the Target registry app to scan barcodes and easily manage your registry from anywhere. You can add items, review your registry checklist, see what items have been purchased and by whom, and more!

If you are asking yourself, “what stores give free gifts when you do a baby registry?” make sure you create a registry at Target! You will also receive a Target Welcome Kit for $50 worth of coupons and handpicked samples.

Click here to create your baby registry on Target.

buybuy BABY Baby Registry

Buy Buy BABY is amongst the popular baby registries. They are owned by Bed Bath & Beyond and the nice thing about that is those 20% off coupons that Bed Bath & Beyond always sends can also be used at Buy Buy Baby! If you don’t get those coupons, you can easily sign up here at Bed Bath and Beyond. Even though the discount is off only single item, a 20% discount on an expensive item is still quite nice.

Buybuy BABY has a large selection of baby essentials and offer guidance and resources help you with your questions. You can schedule an in-store appointment with one of their expert Registry Consultants to help you create a personalized registry.

Buybuy BABY will send you a completion coupon for use in stores in the mail several weeks before your stated due date. The discount seems to vary between 10-15%. You will also receive a second completion coupon for use online in your email a couple of weeks before your stated due date. You can use this coupon to shop for any remaining items on your registry. So, make sure you keep your mailing address and email address up to date.

One of the biggest advantages of registering with buybuy BABY is their hassle-free returns, which never expire. Even if you have lost the receipt or packing slip, you can bring the item into any of their stores and an associate can look up the item from your registry and process the return.

When you register at buybuy BABY, you can get free stuff like their Goody Bag, which is full of great samples and coupons. It is available for pick-up in stores. If you register in-store, you’ll also get free announcement cards to let your friends and family know that you’re registered at buybuy BABY.

Similar to Target and Babies “R” Us, they also do a price match. Read their specific terms regarding their price match guarantee.

You can use buybuy Baby’s Interactive Checklist to get suggestions and ideas for items to put on your baby registry. You can also use their Registry Favorites to view their most popular items by category and see items that other parents love.

You can even ask your friends and family to help you build your registry with Ask a Friend and Copy a Friend’s registry tools. If you want to add an entire curated list, you can do so in just a couple seconds.

Buy Buy Baby also has a friends referral program, where if you refer them to buybuy BABY or Bed Bath & Beyond and they create a registry, they will send you a coupon for $25 off any in-store purchase of $100+.

The only downside is that there aren’t as many buybuy BABY stores compared to Babies “R” Us or Target stores.

Overall, BBB’s registry is not bad. Some people like it better than Babies “R” Us but in the end, it really comes down to what’s most convenient for you and your friends and family. Click here if you want to create a registry with buybuy BABY.

Pottery Barn Baby Registry

Pottery Barn Kids has some really beautiful items. They are also high quality and durable, but comes with a price. For example, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see gliders or dressers for $1,000. However, if your friends and family are comfortable with the prices, then you can consider registering at Pottery Barn.

With Pottery Barn Kids, the price you’re paying for is for the quality and their nice styles. For example, their bath towels are soft, cute, and you can even customize it to put your baby’s name on it. They also offer a nice selection of organic bedding and GREENGUARD Gold Certified furniture.

Pottery Barn offers a 20% completion discount on your remaining registry items but, unlike most registries, it only begins AFTER your baby’s due date. However, you can use this discount toward unlimited purchases at any time for up to 6 months after your event. You can continue to add things to your registry during that time and it includes non-baby items and furniture!

You also get 10% off any multiple-purchased items. For example, if you are buying 2 of the same bedding or blankets, you can get 10% off. This can be great if you have twins.

Pottery Barn Kids has only a 30 day return policy for a full refund, but all monogrammed/personalized items are final sale.

Pottery Barn offers free decorating services if you need help decorating your nursery either in your home or in one of their stores. Unfortunately, there are not as many Pottery Barn Kids stores as Target or Babies R Us stores.

Take a look at their registry must-haves to get some ideas for your registry. They have great customer service and their furniture has been safety tested to the highest standards. You can create your Pottery Barn registry here.

Baby Registry Guide

Below are some tips for creating your baby registry:

  • Read reviews before registering for products. Amazon has many user reviews from parents who have tried these products out and giving their unbiased opinions.
  • Include products ranging from different price points. Don’t feel guilty if you put a few expensive items on your list. Someone, or even a group of people might pool in their money and take joy to buy you what you need.
  • Add everything that you need, not just the items that you want other people to buy for you. Include practical items like baby shampoo, diapers, wipes, nursing pads, and more. Most stores offer a completion discount once you register with them. It’s nice to get a percentage off items that you buy from your list after your arrival date has passed.
  • Get inspiration from baby registry checklists. Don’t think short-term. You can even register for toddler items such as bigger car seat or a potty seat. Remember, newborns grow up so fast and before you know it, you’ll be ready for high chairs, bath toys, and trikes or ride-ons.
  • Make sure you register early as you want to give your guests time to shop for you.
  • Don’t feel pressured to register for everything you might need all at once. You can start simple and add on as your baby grows.
  • Don’t go overboard registering for clothes and toys, as you’ll most likely have enough of those. These are the “fun things” that many people like to purchase these on their own, even without them being on your registry at all.
  • Share! Places like buybuy BABY offers announcement cards so everyone knows where you’re registered at. Place these cards in your shower invites