Can You Rent a Car Seat?

If you will be traveling with your child, you may be wondering whether you should lug your heavy car seat, stroller, or other baby gear from home. Is there a place where you can rent all these items? Yes! You can rent these items from a number of companies specializing in baby gear rentals.

Renting Baby Gear

Baby’s Away is the largest baby and child equipment rental company with over 80 locations throughout the country.  They provide clean, quality baby gear including car seats, strollers, cribs, high chairs, and even toys for your children so that you can enjoy your stay while traveling away from home. They have been providing quality baby equipment rentals for over 25 years with an office in most major resort and metropolitan locations.

Many family-friendly attractions such as theme parks, zoos, and some cruise ships will have strollers for rent. You can rent car seats at most car rental agencies. Some hotels will have cribs on hand.

How much does it cost to rent a car seat?

Many major companies charge between $10 to $15 per seat per day. After a few days of renting, you may spend as much as the cost of a brand new car seat. If you are a member of AAA, you can get a free car seat rental with every rental through Hertz.

Many rentals may not be worth the expense. You can consider purchasing a lightweight, fold up umbrella stroller or a lightweight car seat that’s convenient to travel around with.

Should you rent a car seat?

There’s some disadvantages with baby car seat rentals. There’s no guarantee that a rented car seat will be clean or in a safe condition. Almost all car rental companies guarantee the safety of car seats they offer. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against using previously owned car seats since there is no way to tell if a car seat has been in a serious accident. If you use your own car seat, safety is never a question.

Major car rental agencies have an installation manual that comes with each seat, but if you rent from a smaller company, they may not have an instruction manual on how to install the car seat.

Some parents arrive at the car rental agency only to find out that demand has exceeded the supply of children car seats. Make sure you plan ahead and have a back-up plan, should you need it.

Sometimes, it makes sense to bring your own car seat, especially if you are flying and your baby should sit in a car seat on the plane. Bringing your own car seat ensures that it is the right fit for your child, rather than a generic model offered by a rental car company.