Baby Formula Sale

Did you know you can get amazing deals on baby formula? Two of my favorite places to shop for baby formula and diapers are Target and Amazon. When they have deals, they are often cheaper than my local BJ’s Wholesale or Costco.

Target often has promotions where if you spend $100 on baby items, you get a $20 Target gift card. That’s similar to getting 20% off.

You can also find baby formula coupons on Amazon. Usually, once a month they have a 35%-45% off coupon on select formula. If you’re not in a rush, you can use their coupon and order through their Subscribe & Save program, which adds an additional 5% off the purchase price. You can cancel your subscription anytime after your order ships.

How to get cheap baby formula

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program is one I definitely take advantage of. If you subscribe to 5+ items in a given month, all of your items will get an extra 15% off instead of the 5% off! I normally stack the baby formula coupons along with the discount from Subscribe & Save. I try to make 5 items that are eligible for Subscribe & Save to get that additional 15% percent off on baby formula. Below is one of my sample orders.

These 3 cans of Similac pro-advance infant formula are normally priced around $110-$120 on Amazon. However, as I have mentioned, I usually find that once a month, they will offer a 35-45% off coupon. For this particular order, I had 40% off plus an additional 15% off, making these 3 cans of formula only $56! This was more than 50% off the original price on Amazon. Getting a deal like this is cheaper than buying baby formula from my local BJ’s or Costco.

This costed me less than $20 for a 36 oz Similac pro-advance powder formula. My local BJ’s sell the 34oz pro-advance for $34.99 and Costco sells 2 pack of these 34oz cans for $70.

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